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IBM Security ReaQta provides complete visibility over endpoints, detecting and responding to threats autonomously without requiring human intervention. ReaQta is an innovative, AI-driven EDR platform capable of detecting and contextualizing cyber threats using dynamic behavioral analysis and allowing real-time and autonomous response. It can be deployed easily on-premise, in the cloud (SaaS), or in air-gapped environments.

What’s really driving organizations to upgrade endpoint security solutions? While the efficacy of prevention continues to be critical to the success of endpoint security programs, improving detection and response leads the pack when it comes to what is top of mind for endpoint security buyers. Read ESG's research report on the trends impacting endpoint security, and how organizations are responding.


In their evaluation of IBM Security ReaQta, MITRE ATT&CK determined that ReaQta uniquely provides high-quality security alerts and offers complete coverage of sophisticated attacks without human intervention. Read more insights from the MITRE evaluation.