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Detecting Volt Typhoon

Volt Typhoon is a state-sponsored actor based in China that typically focuses on espionage and information gathering and has been active since mid-2021 targeting critical infrastructure organizations. In order to achieve their goals, the threat actor utilizes stealth with IT Operations toolsets and almost exclusively utilizing living-off-the-land techniques and hands-on-keyboard activity. Utilizing the command line to collect data, including credentials from local and network systems, place the data into an archive file to stage for exfiltration and then utilize the stolen valid credentials to maintain persistence.

20 Myths About Web Design

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10 Quick Tips About Blogging

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14 Common Misconceptions About Web Design

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7 Must Have Tools For Web Designers

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Our Hosting and SaaS Facilities

Our first class, resilient data centers have attained SOC1 and SOC2 compliance, ISO27001/17/18 certification, EU Model Clause approval, and FEDRAMP authorization for approved government workloads. We can deploy into the closest facilities in any region for best performance, and to meet data movement and storage compliance mandates.

Disclosure and Technology

As a security industry best practice, we follow the ideals of least privilege and security through obscurity as much as possible. We do not use our customer’s logos for marketing purposes or needlessly disclose the underlying products and infrastructure we employ. Contact us privately for more information about our leading technologies and capabilities tailored for your organization.