Comprehensive, tailored, real-world cybersecurity

We integrate seamlessly and respond to your organization's daily needs with human-led, technology-assisted expertise and practical solutions.

Taking the complexity out of cybersecurity

for all

We work with clients who have over 30,000 vulnerability points, and clients who have fewer than 10. We make the same cybersecurity solutions used by multi-national corporations available to businesses of all sizes.

Accurate analysis,
efficient response

Our security operations center (SOC) combines human expertise with machine learning and artificial intelligence to safeguard against vulnerabilities and errors. This approach leads to efficient, targeted responses that protect your company with minimal disruption.

service model

This unique method allows you to be hands-on or leave it all to us. We give you unrestricted access to everything that we do so that you're always empowered to make informed decisions.

Human-lead Automation at Every Point

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Proactive Defense

We constantly improve our defensive capabilities and implement new solutions based on technological developments, industry trends, and proprietary data and analysis.



Protection from cyber threats starts with having a clear view of your security information. We perform real-time analysis of massive amounts of data gathered from every facet of your technology landscape to uncover credible security threats.



Security threats are prioritized by relevance to your company based on your observed behaviors. This helps ensure that anomalies and activity that could otherwise be lost in the noise are flagged for response.



Our SOC implements a targeted, efficient response that shuts down threats and minimizes the attacker’s opportunity for harm, without interrupting the work of your employees, partners, or customers.

Reflective Analysis

After each response, we audit the event to see what happened, how it happened – and most importantly, what we can learn from it. This methodical process directly informs our proactive defense and ensures that we’re constantly improving.


Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our human-lead, technology-assisted Security Operations Center (SOC) is at the heart of everything we do. Cybersecurity experts within our SOC work hand-in-hand with industry-leading machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor and protect your business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hear from our clients:

“It because evident to us very quickly that we needed visibility into our own network as well as to external events”

Security Manager


Regional US Bank

“By understanding the complexities if our network and our user, CarbonHelix was able to help improve our SOC efficiency very quickly.”

IT Security Manager


Service Provider

“Without fast action by CarbonHelix and their use of QRadar, we would have joined the list of data breach victims.”

IT Security Manager


Public Sector Organization

Everything you need to protect your business

No matter how you choose to approach your organization's cybersecurity, we have solutions, services, and technologies that meet your needs.


Comprehensive combinations of services and technologies.


Dedicated, ongoing service for cybersecurity technology.


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