Flexible technologies for an unpredictable world.

We make technologies that we believe in available to you as a service. We carefully choose our technology partners based on their demonstrated history of creating mature, comprehensive, long-lasting cybersecurity products.


Tailored, adaptable technologies

Your company’s needs change over time, and we provide dynamic technology that aligns with your goals every step of the way.


Sustained success

We only partner with companies that we believe will lead the industry for years to come, leading to stability in the turbulent cybersecurity landscape.


Unified technologies and support

We work with you to pinpoint your technology requirements and co-manage additional services and solutions as circumstances call for.

Curated technologies that protect your business.

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IBM QRadar

Comprehensive security visibility and analytics so you can detect, prioritize, and respond to threats. The only SIEM that integrates raw network flow information, threat analysis, and UBA into one product.

Key benefits

  • Recognized Industry Leader
  • Extensive Data Collection Methods
  • Open Multi-Method Detections
  • Long Term Data Retention
  • Available to Any Size Organization

Technological Features

  • SIEM with Flows and Packets
  • UBA, NTA, TI Included
  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  • Fast and Efficient Incident Workflow
  • SOAR and XDR Integration

IBM QRadar XDR Cloud Platform

Predict, prevent, and respond to threats. Simplifies complex questions by integrating siloed security tools into a single pane with federated searching across many different data lakes.

Key benefits

  • Centralizes security tools
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Holistic, open approach

Technological Features

  • Incident management
  • Federated search
  • Threat investigation
  • Risk assessment

Sentinel One Singularity for Endpoint

A powerful, platform for endpoint visibility and enterprise-grade prevention, detection and response from endpoint, servers and mobile devices. Discover IoT and more with Ranger network fingerprinting.

Key benefits

  • Multi-Method Threat Prevention
  • Root Cause and Impact Analysis
  • Visual Threat Storyline
  • Predictable Billing and Scale

Technological Features

  • Firewall and Device Controls
  • Custom Endpoint Policies
  • SIEM, SOAR, XDR Integrations
  • Asset Discovery and Fingerprinting

IGI Nodeware

Complete and continuous visibility of your network, its assets, and the vulnerabilities that put your business at risk. Scans for endpoints off and on network in real time for immediate visibility.

Key benefits

  • Real time visibility
  • Scans endpoints on and off network.
  • Runs silently in background

Technological Features

  • Continuous vulnerability assessment
  • Network scanning
  • Endpoint scanning

Hook Security

Launch monthly, automated phishing simulations that test your users and provide micro-learnings, allowing you to safely test cyber security awareness, report on progress, and provide additional training as needed.

Key benefits

  • Automated phishing simulations
  • Educates companies and users of all types
  • Provides progress reports

Technological Features

  • Cyber education
  • Phishing assessment

Cisco Secure Access Duo MFA

Multi-factor authentication that provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind that user credentials are secure.

Key benefits

  • Very fast deployment
  • Unmatched level of integration

Technological Features

  • Multi Factor authentication


Track, manage, and resolve cybersecurity incidents. Integrates tightly with leading security products (including QRadar) to orchestrate and automate complex responses for remediation.

Key benefits

  • Reliable, comprehensive incident response
  • Pre-built playbooks for compliance with state law
  • Improve incident response time

Technological Features

  • Security orchestration and automation
  • Incident Response playbooks
  • Automated response plans
  • Extensive third-party integrations

IBM ReaQta

Near real-time response to threats. The built-in "Cyber Assistant" learns from previous analyst decisions and retains those behaviors. Lives outside the OS as a NanoOS making it undetectable by sophisticated attackers.

Key benefits

  • Simple and Intuitive console
  • AI Guided SOC Remediation
  • Offline and Online Protection
  • Forensics Evidence on Demand

Technological Features

  • EDR & AV Bundled 
  • Attack Visualizations
  • Custom Detection Strategies
  • Native MITRE ATT&CK

Prophecy International Snare

Comprehensive event monitoring and tools designed to address critical auditing and security requirements. Meet external and internal compliance requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Key benefits

  • Highly customizable
  • Ingest, filter, and truncate loggings from any data source

Technological Features

  • Endpoint log collection
  • Log management
  • Log relay and forwarding

Managed Cyolo ZTNA Remote Access

Incredibly fast and agentless VPN replacement with centralized management of security controls, integrated MFA and iDP support with a unique forensic response to insider threats.

Key benefits

  • Unified access platform for applications, servers, desktops, and files
  • Clear and Intuitive access management
  • High user satisfaction and productivity
  • Solve complex access problems.

Technological Features

  • ZTNA remote access
  • ZTNA OT network access
  • Forensic Session Recording
  • Session Intercept
  • MFA enable legacy applications


An API, cloud-native solution that eliminates the real-time risk of phishing across Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Empowers users with the intelligent banners, warnings, sidebars, and biometric authentication.

Key benefits

  • User facing focus
  • Teaches safe email practices
  • Layered, in-depth security features

Technological Features

  • Cloud email security
  • MIcrosoft office live
  • Google GSuite

JumpCloud Directory Platform

A single tool for directory services, SSO, MFA, and endpoint management. Quick and easy implementation with any size business. Tight integration with MS Active Directory, G-suite, and Office 365.

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive and flexible
  • Quick implementation
  • Tight integration with multiple services

Technological Features

  • Identity access
  • Endpoint management
  • IdP
  • IAM

Safeguard your future

Recent IBM research shows that the average cost of a data breach in the United States is $9.44 million. They also found that companies who utilize an incident response team save $2.66 million, and those that use extended detection and response technology save an average of 29 days in breach response time.

Reach out to us today and together we’ll build a cybersecurity plan that protects your company from the financial and brand damage that cyber-crimes cause.