Curated, practical cybersecurity solutions

At CarbonHelix, we don’t try to do it all — we focus on developing highly effective solutions built on deep expertise and rigorous standards with a specific set of industry leading technologies.


Powerful, customized solutions

Our solutions are built for maximum impact and flexibility. You can utilize them all in tandem for complete and robust protection, or employ them individually to meet specific needs.


Singular expertise

No other company is as specialized as CarbonHelix. This allows us to invest more resources into developing sophisticated processes that enhance and expand our solutions while keeping the costs as low as possible.


Seamless integration and collaboration

These solutions are built on the most trusted, in-demand products in the industry, empowering seamless collaboration and integration that’s specifically tailored to your IT environment.

These solutions are effective used together, or on their own — let's find what fits you best.

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24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC)

Around the clock collaboration with an experienced SOC that utilizes pre-built and custom procedures, integrations, and playbooks.

Key benefits

  • Turnkey cybersecurity
  • Threat management
  • Custom playbooks
  • Open Co-Management

Technological Features

  • 24x7 SOC as a service (SOCaaS)
  • Visibility, Detection, and Response
  • SIEM Log, Flow, Packet Analytics
  • SOAR Remediation
  • XDR Threat Hunting

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Around the clock protection against ransomware, malware, suspicious activity, and threats. Fast deployment of a SOC that is focused on endpoint threat management.

Key benefits

  • Focus on the Endpoint 
  • Sophisticated detection methods
  • Targeted response
  • Protection when off network

Technological Features

  • Endpoint security platform
  • EPP
  • EDR
  • AV
  • 24x7 MDR

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Capture vulnerability status at all times across more of your organization’s assets so zero-day vulnerabilities are identified earlier than has been possible before.

Key benefits

  • Real-Time Asset Status
  • On and Off-Network Workforce
  • Vulnerability Research
  • Intuitive Management

Technological Features

  • Continuous Scanning
  • Impact-less Assessment
  • Network and Agent Based
  • Remediation Recommendations

Zero Trust Remote access

Replace legacy VPN solutions with the latest technology, simplifying complex security controls by publishing specific applications, systems, protocols, and more.

Key benefits

  • Next generation remote access
  • Fast application performance
  • Strong security controls
  • Client or Clientless

Technological Features

  • Forensics
  • On demand recording
  • Live on demand session monitoring
  • User session intercept
  • User and endpoint validation for use remote access to applications

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

24x7 human-led federated searching that “un-silos” platforms when threat hunting for greater coverage.

Key benefits

  • Large scale threat hunting
  • Response automation playbooks
  • Asset Risk Consolidation
  • Federated Search

Technological Features

  • Unified security
  • Cross-platform visibility
  • Visibility, detection, and response
  • 24x7 incident management

Ransomware malware intervention (EDR)

Automated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) from known and unknown ransomware attacks against servers and user devices online and offline.

Key benefits

  • Identify ransomware tactics and techniques
  • Stop ransomware early, preventing damage and loss
  • Respond to compromise before infection
  • Custom remediation plans

Technological Features

  • Offline endpoint protection
  • Zero day behavioral analysis
  • Threat hunting
  • MITRE ATT&CK mapping
  • Remote Human Intervention

Compliance and log management

Collect, retain, view, and audit, security, logs, and other data to meet compliance mandates.

Key benefits

Meet compliance mandates including but not limited to:

  • NIST 800-171
  • ISO 2700.1
  • SOC2
  • CMMC

Technological Features

  • SOC2 hosting
  • FEDRAMP hosting
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Long-term security data and retention

Airgap Access

Simplify access to tightly controlled networks to improve compliance.

Key benefits

  • Low effort management
  • Simplified application access
  • Strong security controls
  • Fast and Easy Implementation

Technological Features

  • Minimizing Change across AirGap Networks
  • Multi-Factor and Single Sign On Wrappers
  • Session Monitoring and Recording
  • Real time visibility and activity monitoring

Safeguard your future

Recent IBM research shows that the average cost of a data breach in the United States is $9.44 million. They also found that companies who utilize an incident response team save $2.66 million, and those that use extended detection and response technology save an average of 29 days in breach response time.

Reach out to us today and together we’ll build a cybersecurity plan that protects your company from the financial and brand damage that cyber-crimes cause.