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Every organization has different cybersecurity needs. We follow your lead and provide and/or manage the technologies that fit your unique environment.


Precise, effective services

No matter your industry or the size of your business, these services work cohesively and adapt flexibly to buttress your cybersecurity infrastructure where you need it.


Optimized impact

Our focus on a small set of services means that we can leverage our technology in ways others can’t — so everything we do goes further for you.


You're in charge

From implementation through operation, we identify vulnerabilities and manage services while providing clarity about what we're doing and why we're doing it at all times.

Trust us to manage the services that bring you the most value.

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Managed IBM QRadar SIEM

Bring log, flow, packet, vulnerability and asset data for integrated threat visibility. Recognized as one of the top QRadar MSSPs in North America and one of a few worldwide with an exclusive focus on QRadar.

Key benefits

  • SIEM Industry Leader
  • Optimization & Analytics Tuning
  • 90 Days to 7 Year data retention
  • All Inclusive annual cost

Technological Features

  • Any Deployment Type
  • Full Engineering services
  • Cloud Hosting Options
  • Logs, Flows, Packet Data
  • Online and Cold Vault Options

IBM QRadar XDR aaS

Visibility, automation, and contextual insights with a robust, open approach. As a trusted IBM partner, we comprehensively provide and manage the QRadar Cross Detection and Response (XDR) suite.

Key benefits

  • Unified analyst workflow simplifies cybersecurity tool use
  • Leverage existing cybersecurity investments
  • Threat Hunting across security and operational data silos

Technological Features

  • Vendor agnostic closed-loop integration
  • Workflow and playbook development
  • Enhanced remediation through automation

IBM ReaQta aaS

Detect and remediate known and unknown threats in near-real time. We are one of the first to offer a full service around this AI-driven IBM technology in North America.

Key benefits

  • Undetectable by attackers
  • Offline and online protection
  • Visualize Threat Behaviors
  • 24x7 SOC Collaboration
  • Predictable Billing and Scale

Technological Features

  • Multi Platform Support
  • Custom Detection Policies
  • SIEM, SOAR, XDR integration
  • MITRE ATT&CK reporting
  • Auto and Manual Remediation


Consistently and effectively coordinate security incident response across stakeholders and technologies. We are one of a small set of Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) providers.

Key benefits

  • Reliable, comprehensive incident response
  • Ensure compliance with response playbook
  • Improve incident response time

Technological Features

  • Virtual, Cloud or XDR deployment
  • Multi-vendor SIEM, EDR, XDR integrations
  • Playbook development


Bolster your business by integrating IBM User Behavior Analytics (UBA) with any SIEM or log management tool. We are proud to be the only company currently offering IBM UBA as a Service.

Key benefits

  • Continuous User Risk Assessment
  • Anomaly Detection and Escalation
  • User Remediation Response
  • 24x7 SOC Co-Management
  • Integrates with any SIEM/LM Solution

Technological Features

  • User Behavior Modeling with ML
  • User and Group Anomaly Detection
  • User Identity Coalescing
  • Custom Risk Analytics
  • User Risk Acitivity Monitoring

SentinelOne Singularity SOC Services

A powerful, centralized XDR alternative for Sentinel One. Acts as a QRadar agent and provides flexibility for applications including firewall support, system discovery, and extended iOT devices.

Key benefits

  • Multi-Method Threat Prevention
  • Root Cause and Impact Analysis
  • Visual Threat Storyline
  • 24x7 SOC Co Management
  • Predictable Billing and Scale

Technological Features

  • Auto and Manual Remediation
  • Firewall and Device Controls
  • Custom Endpoint Policies
  • SIEM, SOAR, XDR Integrations
  • Asset Discovery and Fingerprinting

Safeguard your future

Recent IBM research shows that the average cost of a data breach in the United States is $9.44 million. They also found that companies who utilize an incident response team save $2.66 million, and those that use extended detection and response technology save an average of 29 days in breach response time.

Reach out to us today and together we’ll build a cybersecurity plan that protects your company from the financial and brand damage that cyber-crimes cause.