Real Time Threats

Threat Visibility

We analyze massive amounts of data in real-time to uncover credible security threats to your organization. This internal threat intelligence is built from the readily available data gathered from your networks, systems, applications and endpoints combined with up-to-date threat information from the top security providers. This degree of accuracy collapses the hundreds of alerts generated by each of your security products, into a smaller and more manageable set of credible security incidents. These remaining incidents are prioritized by relevance and are based on your observed behaviors, anomalies and activity that could  otherwise be lost in the noise.

Threat Response

We are moving towards a state of security automation that can control a recognized threat with enforcement and isolation.  For this to work, we need intelligent responses that are aware of our unique environments. The best and most precise responses are derived from the sum of big data analytics, rapid encyclopedic research and human analysis. These targeted responses avoid impacting our employees, partners and users and instead focus in on the specific problem. From our security operations centers we make full use of any available automation and follow custom procedures to notify on the incident details, recommended response and actions taken. This combination provides the speed, accuracy and relevance to shut down threats faster and minimize the attackers opportunity for harm.

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