24x7 Security Monitoring and Incident Response

Extending customer security teams with round-the-clock monitoring, incident response and full co-management of the most advanced security analytics and threat intelligence platform in use by the multinationals, enterprise, public sector and governmental organizations. The most sophisticated attacks use stealth, distraction and the hours before dawn to further their progress. We continuously tune the system for each unique customer to improve accuracy, incident relevance and security visibility in order to detect more credible threats and minimize false alarms. All the system components are maintained for reliability, performance and to enable new capabilities as they become available. We understand the difference between a security alert and a security incident and respond with direct defensive action, or escalate to customer teams and partners with clear recommendations on what to do. When we collaborate, we can shut down threats faster, and protect our organizations from compromise.

More information on the technology and our confidentiality can be found under disclosures, or by contacting us privately from here.